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Performance Seating from Herman Miller

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    Performance Seating from Herman Miller

    Herman Miller work chairs are widely known as some of the best in the industry. Countless hours of research on the way people work mean Herman Miller is considered the leader in task seating and workplace furniture, and for good reason. These chairs are designed with health, functionality, and ergonomics in mind. Some of us spend the majority of the workweek sitting at our desks, which makes a well-designed chair a critical part of our work day.

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    News - 14.01.2016

    Herman Miller work chairs are designed to fit your everyday needs. Ergonomics are a major factor in the design of these pieces. These chairs are designed to “move like you move”, conforming to your shape, providing support and enabling your best posture. PostureFit technology developed by Herman Miller stabilizes the base of the spine and fosters better posture. Balanced recline allows the chair to move with your body’s natural pivot points, providing support throughout the entire day. Herman Miller’s research has shown that some people change posture up to 53 times per every hour of sitting, which is why Herman Miller has designed each chair with dynamic surface materials that adapt and enable free movement.

    The Aeron® Chair, designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, has become one of the most well-known icons of design. Every material and every mechanism is an advancement in the art of science and seating. The Aeron was the first office chair to replace fabric and foam with its woven suspension membrane and its innovative Pellicle seat and back. This allows the Aeron to distribute weight evenly and eliminates pressure and heat buildup. Aeron’s Kinemat Tilt uses natural pivot points that allows the sitter to recline fluidly.

    Mirra® 2
    The Mirra® 2, designed by Studio 7.5, is lean, light and responsive to your body. The Harmonic 2 Tilt provides balance as you recline, while the AireWeave 2 suspension seat conforms to your shape, maintaining its tension even over time. Both of two back options support slight movement and feature the PostureFit support, while all materials allow constant airflow throughout the day.

    The Sayl®, designed by Yves Behar, although designed with fewer parts and less material, achieves a healthy balance between support and free movement with it 3D Intelligent Back. The elastomer strands vary in thickness and tension, which, along with PostureFit support, provide greater support and a free range of motion. Sayl’s Harmonic Tilt adjusts to provide a balanced recline for any user.

    The Setu Chair, designed by Studio 7.5, features material innovation that gives the chair a unique combination of flexibility and strength. The Kinematic Spine uses two types of polypropylene to control resistance and to support weight without any sort of tilting mechanism. The Lyris 2 suspension seat and back conform to the body’s contours and aerates the body naturally.

    Not only do these chairs improve your own personal health and well-being, but they also promote well-being for the environment. All Herman Miller work chairs are designed for sustainability, engineered for durability and manufactured for quality that will last. All products are assembled in-market, reducing the energy required to ship, while recycling efforts bring the company closer and closer to zero waste. Furthermore, Herman Miller products are built to last a lifetime and beyond. Many pieces from as early as the 1950s are still being used in homes and offices today, eliminating the need for replacement.

    All Herman Miller work chairs are guaranteed with a 12-year, 3-shift warranty covering parts and labor, including casters, pneumatic cylinders, tilts and all moving mechanisms. To purchase a Herman Miller work chair is not simply a purchase, it is an investment into your health, your work and the environment.


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