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Outdoor Styling with Living Edge

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    Outdoor Styling with Living Edge

    Jo Mawhinney, Director of Product, Brand and Experience at Living Edge, shares her forecast for outdoor trends this coming Summer 2019/20


    News - 05.09.2019

    What are some of the hottest trends in outdoor furniture we can expect to see trickling in from Europe / Milan in 2018/19?  

    “We are seeing an emergence of compact design as a response to downsizing. This trend also reflects the move towards homes and apartments having smaller living and outdoor spaces. We are also seeing increased importance of sustainable design - overall sustainability is a trend that is of the highest importance and is actually leading product innovation. “ 

    Extremis' Virus picnic table has been designed with identical seating frame for two to five people. This is a fun way of filling a space with a mixture of small to medium-sized seating sets without losing uniformity. Furthermore, the compact design responds to the trend for smaller living spaces and offers a solution that enables you to use our tools on balconies and in urban gardens.

    Which shapes and profiles are trending?  

    “In terms of shapes and profiles, we see designs that foster collaboration and conversation, harnessing a sense of togetherness and create a welcoming atmosphere. With this, we can see designs and configuration options that create an environment that will promote conversation. 

    The Hopper picnic table clearly bears resembles to the traditional picnic tables everybody knows, but as is typical of Extremis it offers extra comfort. 

    Which colours, fabrics and patterns are trending?  

    "Blacks, whites and neutrals are always a safe option when choosing colours, they are often used in resort settings so feel luxurious and will always complement each other.  We have also observed that there are more natural inspired colours coming through including greens and rusts. Established & Sons' Butt Stools are the perfect way to incorporate a pop of natural colour or keep things complimentary neutral. It is available in rust, deep green, beige, blue and more! 

    Which timber species / colours are trending?  

    "The Australian climate does not favour wooden furniture as it weathers relatively quickly as such we don’t tend to offer it. Instead we look to offer product that are easy to maintain and high in quality."

    Which sofa shapes are emerging? And how are these different to previous styles? 

    “We are seeing that more slim-line modern and contemporary pieces are emerging. These designs tend to visually quite minimal, low maintenance and versatile to many outdoor spaces. They are not the signature piece of the setting but work collaboratively with all other aspects of design that surround it."

    Les Basic’s Whitsunday collection is a simply elegant outdoor seating range, with a lightness that invites easeful relaxing. The subtle curved back, and leg detail that becomes a bag hook or base for a side table, brings a considered classiness to casual outdoor lounging. 

    How can you assess the quality of an outdoor sofa setting or dining setting in-store? What are the main signs to look for?  

    "We always look for a good warranty, durability to the Australian climate, easy care and low maintenance. We look for which products are high in quality that will last for decades with the correct care. We are also very conscious of the weight of the product, we want it to be sturdy, and not blow away."

    Which outdoor dining setting styles are trending - ie shape, profile, materials, timber species?  

    "The Vitra Belleville outdoor chair designed by Jasper Morrison is slim lined, modern and has a dual purpose in that it can also be used indoors. Extremis Verdigris compact picnic table is also a product to look out for in terms of shape and style. Herman Miller’s Eames Aluminium Group Outdoor Lounge Chair is blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor. It is a much-loved style of chair, so this versatility although new, it is well known to many." 

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