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Mother's Day with Bethan Gray

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    Mother's Day with Bethan Gray

    We asked our favourite mum Bethan Gray how she will be spending her Mother's Day and what she treats herself to, read our exclusive interview and view the latest collection.


    News - 03.05.2018

    Available in Australia exclusively through Living Edge, Bethan Gray’s delightful designs are the perfect gift paired with our range of accessories for the style-conscious mother. With new collections recently launched during Milan design week and other new designs launched late last year, we caught up with our favourite mum about her busy schedule, how she will be spending her Mother's Day and what she treats herself to…

    LE: How are you going to be spending your Mother’s Day this year and do you have a family tradition for this day?

    BG: My ideal Mother’s Day would begin with breakfast in bed followed by a day on the beach in Wales with my son and husband and lunch in one of my favourite spots.

    Bethan Gray is an award-winning Welsh designer whose work is an inspired and distinctive take on how to combine tradition with modernity.

    LE: What do you think makes the best gifts and what is your personal indulgence?

    BG: I believe the best gifts are ones that have been created and my idea of indulgence is taking the time to travel and explore.

    Gray’s work is truly international - drawing from her own personal travels and a diverse family background that spans from the deserts of Arabia and Persia to the Celtic heartland of Wales, Gray has produced an award-winning body of work that reflects a connoisseur’s keen eye for detail and craftsperson’s attention to quality. Bethan believes craftsmanship and high quality materials is what makes a piece worth investing in.

    LE: When was the last time you treated yourself?

    BG: After an epic photoshoot of our products on location in Oman recently which was rewarding and exhausting in equal measures, I treated myself to a half day at the spa.

    Bethan has been extremely busy. The designer showcased two new collections for 2018 Milan design week. She showcased her work in the beautiful showroom of Editions Milano, with whom she collaborated with to create her new collection of Italian marble luminaires. The collection takes Milano flavour and pares it back to a muted, restrained minimum: sumptuous forms hand-carved by master artisans to create stunning table, wall, and pendant lights like no other.

    LE: How do you manage your family and work balance?

    BG: It can be tricky but I am very thankful that I have great flexibility and we are able to bring our son Cian on most of our work travels, which is great for us all and means we can have longer trips and quality time spent together.

    Also, launched In Milan was Gray’s Alice collection. The beautiful white and black marble contrasting table top pieces are inspired by the spectacular black and white stone configurations found in historical buildings across Europe, from the ninth-century Amalfi Cathedral in Italy to the twentieth-century San Giovanni Battista in Mogno, Switzerland. Both collections have received much critical acclaim. The Alice collection is also available to purchase as a herringbone chopping board, cheese board and clear glass dome – all packaged in beautiful presentation boxes.

    Lastly, we asked,

     LE: Has being a mum influenced your design aesthetic?

    BG: Being a mum has made me appreciate quality time, I am more selective with projects and spend more time with family to find balance.

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