Mid-century Modern with BassamFellows

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    Mid-century Modern with BassamFellows

    BassamFellows is dedicated to returning true craftsmanship and beauty to contemporary living.

    BassamFellowsJurnal Willis Mills House Lead

    News - 27.08.2018

    A little over ten years ago architect Craig Bassam and creative director Scott Fellows began drafting their vision for a new kind of American luxury company. A genuine, fully integrated lifestyle brand stemming from their shared aesthetic sensibilities encompassing architectural projects and interiors as well as impeccably crafted furniture, lifestyle objects and personal accessories.

    This passion developed BassamFellows’ signature Craftsman Modern aesthetic, marrying architectural authority with a minimal-artisanal philosophy, This ideaology is best showcased in the Willis Mills house project.

    Originally designed in 1956 by noted modernist architect Willis N. Mills, BassamFellows completely restored this important mid-century modern house. The home is sited on two acres in an area of Connecticut synonymous with modern architectural pedigree. 

    Long before it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2010, due to BassamFellows’ meticulous rehabilitation, the building required major work. Uncared for and radically altered from its original plan by multiple owners, the International Style home required a top-to-toe restoration that spanned nearly 4 years and involved rebuilding the house from the studs – virtually every surface was effected. 

    BassamFellows believes that the key to preservation is relevance. For this house, in an upscale suburb approximately 1 hour from New York City, relevance for today’s living standards meant larger rooms with improved interior flow, higher quality materials and superb finishes throughout. Better energy efficiency was another priority. The challenge was to achieve these goals sensitively while returning the house to its former design integrity by adding back details stripped during previous insensitive renovations. 

    After its successful restoration – lauded by Dwell Magazine, among others – the home became an important showcase for BassamFellows ‘Craftsman Modern,’ furniture collection. Like the Mills House 2 itself, it is the perfect blend of modernism and soul.

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