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Made in Ratio by Brodie Neill

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    Made in Ratio by Brodie Neill

    This year marked the third annual Milan exhibit for Made in Ratio and the launch of the Alpha chair, the latest product in the brand’s self-produced collection.

    Cowrie Rocker Ebonised In Foundry 2013 White

    News - 09.09.2015

    In the production of the Alpha chair, Creative Director Brodie Neill experimented with the use of CNC routering techniques as a production tool, rather than as a means to produce prototypes for manufacture in other materials. Each element of the chair’s curvaceous form, including the jointing detail, was designed using 3D computer software. The digital files are sent to the CNC router, which cuts each piece down from a solid block of wood. Finally the parts are assembled with the curves meticulously aligned and joints hidden.

    The chair’s seamless organic appearance was inspired by nature, especially the sinuous lines of whale vertebrae that Neill used to see washed ashore on the beaches of his native Tasmania.

    Images: Nick Hughes/Yellowtrace

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