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Leadchair Management - Walter Knoll & EOOS

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    Leadchair Management - Walter Knoll & EOOS

    Modern minimalism. Leadchair Management is the swivel chair that suits modern working and conferencing.

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    News - 03.07.2017

    Well known for creating living spaces with master craftsmanship, fine materials and lasting appearance, Walter Knoll is embarking on a new era of service and production for its expanding commercial business. Designed by EOOS, the new Leadchair management collection is locally manufactured and complements the brand’s already extensive collection of commercial furniture. 

    Both Walter Knoll and EOOS share a core belief that the design and development process is more than just a quest for the most attractive form. While certain structural needs are easy to express, Gernot Bohmann of EOOS believes that a piece of furniture is truly defined by how a person sits in it, whether they feel comfortable and supported, and how the materials interact with the surrounding environment. EOOS, a design company made up of Gernot Bohmann, Harald Gründl, and Martin Bergmann, operates in the fields of furniture and product design as well as shop design for clients such as Giorgio Armani, MatteoGrassi, Zumtobel and Walter Knoll. For EOOS, design is a poetical discipline and a cultural service for society.

    “To us design means taking an all-around view: the function, the material, the manufacture, the assembly, the utilisation, the poetry,” said Gernot Bohmann of EOOS.

    Few furniture brands rival Walter Knoll when it comes to design legacy. As the result of a five-year development process the leadchair showcases the brand’s close involvement with a project and the effort it takes to build up an idea to its full potential. The Leadchair management collection is a milestone in the in the history of Walter Knoll. Based on the concept of “Leadership and Identity,” the recent additions are some of its most dynamic design solutions to date. With the new swivel chair, the Leadchair family now has two dimensions: as Leadchair Management with a width of 72 centimetres and as Leadchair Executive with a width of 78 centimetres. 

    The collection is a true representation of both Walter Knoll and EOOS. Its Innovative upholstery craftsmanship and meticulous metal finishing is based on over 100 years of experience while the design of lines and surfaces reveals the true elegance of the range. It’s clear-cut structure contrasts with a very soft comfortable upholstery to create a strong character, appropriate and enduring. Gaps enable body heat to circulate better, your spine is given optimum support, your shoulder blades can move freely.The cover for seat and back is applied directly to the foam-moulded upholstery. All components and lines are precisely defined to create a harmonious whole to provide comfortable sitting for sustained performance. 

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    Leadchair Walter Knoll
    Walter Knoll Leadchair 01
    Leadchair Walter Knoll
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