How can furniture influence our behaviour?

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    How can furniture influence our behaviour?

    Ever since the walls of the cubicle started coming down and interconnected desks began appearing in their wake, employees have realised the myriad benefits of spontaneous conversation.

    Prooff Niche Fonds Podiumkunsten NL

    News - 29.11.2017

    At a time when the merits of collaborating at work are constantly being extolled, furniture no longer serves just a single purpose; through clever design it also encourages us to interact more.

    A workplace that encourages sociability is generally a happier and more productive one.  It seems that by removing physical barriers social barriers also disappear. People are now much more likely to solicit advice or help from their colleagues than they were before when they were engirt by carpet-clad partitions festooned with family snaps and post-it notes. They are also much more inclined to take regular breaks from their screens to engage in casual conversation and, whilst it may not be work-related, this still enhances productivity. Because research shows that some ‘time-out’ every 30 minutes or so actually boosts concentration and performance levels. And this is good news for employers.

    However, it’s not just workstations that have become more sociable, the rest of the office has too. In fact, many business-owners now dedicate any remaining space to achieving just that – greater sociability, increased collaboration and more relaxation. Moreover, commercial furniture brands are responding to this with purpose designed pieces that actively encourage socialising through added comfort, luxury and flexibility.

    Furniture grouped together tends, by its nature, to inspire get-togethers but there are plenty of other factors at play too. Stimulating colours, for example, can be very effective in promoting certain behaviour such as interaction or relaxation, as can the type and quality of the fabric. Even simplicity or minimalism in design can go a long way to enticing staff to linger - eliminating any concern that the area is for formal meetings only. Modular systems that can be easily reconfigured are also highly recommended so that people aren’t deterred from getting together simply because a space is too big or small.

    When it comes to providing commercial furniture solutions that encourage sociability through design, Living Edge continually attempts to raise the bar. The Prooff range, in particular, is a great example of furniture that has been designed with the progressive workplace in mind. Collaborating closely with designers, interior architects and strategists, the Dutch company has developed 11 modular and multi-functional furniture concepts that promote health and wellbeing, encourage collaboration and enhance efficiency in the workplace.

    One of its most recent designs is the EarChair by Studio Makkink & Bey, which features extended ‘ears’ to provide a cocoon-like insulation for minimal distraction within the hustle and bustle of noisy, open-plan offices. Available in sets of two or four, the stylish chairs also provide the perfect solution for employees wanting to collaborate with colleagues in greater comfort and luxury.  A variety of customisation options in regard to colour, fabric and ear size are available and the acoustics have been tested to perfection!

    Another design named Niche functions as a room within a room. It is the perfect place to hold a casual meeting or find comfort in one’s own thoughts. With its rounded edges, soft cushioning and overhead roof, the Niche is engineered to stimulate collaboration. Though confined in space, thoughts and ideas are to be shared freely. These private capsules provide spaces with an alternative to closed-off meeting rooms when two are placed in front of each other.

    Prooff’s Sit Table is not your average table, the hybrid SitTable designed by Ben van Berkel of UNStudio is both a thinking hub and a social meeting ground; this unique construction is designed to enable various modes of work. The design accommodates numerous seating options depending on the preference of the user; sit closer together to encourage co-working and agile working or further away for individual working.

    Covering the entire gamut of office furniture requirements, Prooff’s innovative designs allow for multiple configuration options; from small intimate booths to full meeting rooms. Just like Living Edge, this is a company that recognises our office landscape is well and truly changing and commercial furniture needs to support a more sociable, flexible and open way of working. 

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