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e15 Pioneering Progress

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    e15 Pioneering Progress

    Cofounded in 1995 by architect Philip Mainzer and designer and art director Farah Ebrahimi, e15 is a global consortium of creative talents – fine artists, designers, architects and product innovators – that, together, develops truly original designs and artistic expressions.

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    News - 19.06.2019

    e15 stands for consistent, progressive design coupled with high-grade materials and innovative, handcrafted production methods. As a modern brand that caters to a global home and contract market, e15 maintains a comprehensive approach to interiors; including those of the consumer and commercial market specialised for the education sector.

    With a strong foundation in architecture and design, e15 is defined by the unique backgrounds of its cofounder and architect Philipp Mainzer together with designer and art director Farah Ebrahimi. In close collaboration with a portfolio of designers, architects and artists, e15 develops original products and supports artistic statements, which reflect the brand’s open approach to diverse cultures and disciplines.

    With this comprehensive approach to interiors and user needs, e15 has developed a radical form of ‘new simplicity’ – declaring everything unnecessary that either does not aid user experience, or augment user satisfaction. A true synthesis of form and function, then, e15 has left an indelible mark for itself in the annals of modern design.

    Celebrating vital, essential forms, and supreme functionality at every angle, the brand has established a leading reputation for pioneering the simplified and the streamlined in contemporary design.  Understanding the shifting nature of education environments – not to mention the shifting nature of teaching and learning needs – e15 positions itself confidently at the vanguard of change. Based in London and operating its manufacturing capacity from Germany, e15 gathers a worldwide network of premium retailers, service delivery experts and flagship showrooms. In the founders’ own words, “e15 stands for consistent, progressive design coupled with high-grade materials and handcrafted production methods.”

    At e15 all products are developed with the goal to create long-lasting, quality and timeless designs. An understated design is meant to generate an enduring approval. e15 manufactures furniture in the upper segment of the market with modern und timeless design, specially selected materials and highest manufacturing quality being the most important characteristics of the brand. For e15, the focus of their sustainability initiative lies on longevity of the products which the company ensures by using traditional manufacturing methods in specialised workshops. The company politics consciously focuses on the principles of sustainability and a sensible environmental protection. The production cycle of e15 furniture, from the design to the delivery of the product to the customer is carried out in line with environmentally relevant laws and standards. Further, e15 supports and calls for a strong environmental awareness from its employees.

    To this end, as stakeholders in the education sector become increasingly attuned to the wellbeing, productivity and amenity inherent in design for this market, e15 will continue to shape evolutions in teaching and learning, and the built environments by which they are fostered.


    This is an excerpt from our Living Edge Learning Portfolio. Click here to download and read more!

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