Designer Profile: Saskia Diez

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    Designer Profile: Saskia Diez

    Munich-based designer Saskia Diez has become increasingly well-known around the world for her jewellery designs. With collections shown in New York, Tokyo, London and Berlin Fashion week, Diez has made a name for herself as a designer to watch.

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    News - 14.01.2016

    Diez originally trained as a goldsmith and studied industrial design, which makes her transition to jewellery design all the more interesting. After working at several design studios, including Rosenthal and Konstantin Grcic, Diez was drawn to the function of jewellery and the age-old theme of the need to adorn oneself. She describes her jewellery not as a status symbol, but as wearable pieces that allow the wearer to “recharge” and to strengthen oneself.

    Diez’s first designs were her DIAMOND bracelets that she created for the 2006 Volvo design competition “Women and Sport”. The pieces were designed as arm weights. From here, Diez founded her label in 2007 and derived her logo from one of these forms. In addition to the pieces that she designs and sells from her showroom, Diez also designs exclusive pieces, such as wedding rings.

    In addition to her jewellery designs, Diez has also created a perfume that she describes as an “invisible jewellery” and a “logical extension” of her jewellery designs. Diez is also known for her travel bag “Papier” for which she received the German Design Prize 2010.

    In 2011, Diez collaborated with German brand e15 in designing the jewellery case AC02 JEWEL, which marks her first collaboration with the brand. Made of solid European walnut, the stackable, three-piece JEWEL case has different interior partitions and a closing top sheath. This product is available now at Living Edge.


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