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Australia's Caon Studio Wins Good Design Award for BLOC

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    Australia's Caon Studio Wins Good Design Award for BLOC

    Caon’s innovative BLOC system of modular furniture is a prime example of bringing its extensive experience devising award-winning aviation interiors to a new setting.

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    News - 27.07.2017

    BLOC is a locally manufactured, configurable and re-configurable furniture system designed to create mini-environments suitable for the modern work-place and was informed by insights from Living Edge and based on market research undertaken with local architects and interior designers.  

    The design was recently awarded a Good Design Award in June 2017, for Product Design in the Furniture and Lighting category. Good Design Award registered trademarks are among the most respected and recognised international design endorsement in the world.


    1. Modularity

    Elaborated upon a regular base of 900x900mm square units, the extensive selection of oblique back and arm supports can be configured according to need, and reconfigured as needs change. A variety of components can be combined in order to create infinite settings including single seating, private lounge pods, desk systems, meeting pods and break-out seating structures. The 900×900 ‘building block’ allows easy development of new products.

    2. Customisation

    Depending on the project size and scope, we can work directly with clients to customise components to suit their specific needs. Learnings from customisation projects can then be fed back into the main family of components to continue to evolve the offering and multiply the achievable assemblies.

    3. Local Manufacture

    It is important to the design team at CAON, that local Australian development and manufacture is promoted and simulated. With local manufacturing, it enables our product to reach clients faster and furthermore greatly assists with customisation and reduction to transporation and travel expenditure.

    4. Ergonomics

    Each horizontal surface of the main seating blocks are designed to a specific height to enable them to be used as a form of work surface depending on how the user is positioned and how the components are configured. Ergonomists were employed to review the system and provide feedback to ensure that it meets the needs of modern work space.

    5. ColourBLOC

    CAON has researched and developed a unique colour/textile selection in conjunction with Kvadrat Maharam to allow clients to create textural compositions from the product modules. Colour groupings have been created across 3 separate price points and promote creating subtle arrangements and the avoidance of undesirable or hard combinations. Clients are free to use whatever textiles they think suitable.

    6. Key Sustainability Design Features & Benefits

    BLOC is not currently GECA approved, however this process is underway. BLOC is manufactured in a facility which already produces GECA approved upholstered products and the BLOC system does employ the use of the appropriate foams and glues to eventually meet those standards. Additionally, BLOC is manufactured to be re-configurable with a view to extend it’s lifespace should the client decide that existing configurations need to change

    David Caon founded Caon Studio in 2009, aiming to curate a small team of dedicated professionals whose combined skills would enable it to respond with suppleness and efficiency to their clients specific needs and requirements.

    The Caon philosophy has always remained simple in the beliefe that  ‘unique outcomes are derived from precision analysis and response.’ Today, the combination of big ideas, industrial logic and acute commercial awareness forms the core of Caon’s practice. Collectively they believe that in the right hands, design has the power to heighten human experience and enhance quality of life.

    Products featured in this news

    BLOC Caon™
    Double Large
    Speedy Carafe in Clear Noritake
    Order now $95
    Noritake Speedy Carafe Clear 01
    Speedy Tumbler (Set of Six) in Clear Noritake
    Order now $120
    Speedy Clear Tumbler
    Nuage Large Vase in Light Silver Vitra
    Order now $465
    Nuage Light Silver Large F 1387441 Master
    AC10 Haus Paper Weight e15
    Groove Trivet Small in White Muuto
    Order now $80
    Groove White Small
    AC07 Cut Round Cutting Board in White Marble e15
    Buy now $600
    O-Tidy in Dark Grey Vitra
    Order now $55
    O Tidy Dark Grey FS 1394438 Master

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