Aesop Signature Store, Frankfurt, Germany

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    Aesop Signature Store, Frankfurt, Germany

    PHILIPP MAINZER OFFICE FOR ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN has been comissioned to develop the interior design of Aesop’s new signature store in Frankfurt, opening in June 2015. Referencing the regional heritage, key pieces of the e15 collection are part of the interior concept.

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    News - 08.12.2015

    In collaboration with Aesop, a stimulating and authentic environment exploring Frankfurt’s modernist roots and its cultural heritage has been realised by Philipp Mainzer Office for Architecture and design for Aesop’s fifth signature store in Germany.

    Inspired by the forest green of the German landscape and well crafted natural materials such as solid walnut, raw brass and matt finished “Bembel” grey floor tiles, Aesop’s superlative products are presented in striking harmony, whilst celebrating Frankfurt and its cultural roots.

    The architecture focuses on the product rather than competing with it. Back-lit shelves in forest green float along the pale green-grey walls, generating a natural and complementing environment that supports the central element of the store, which is a monolithic solid walnut structure integrating a multi purpose sink in raw brass. Essential for experiencing the products, the sink becomes the core element within the space. Distinctly arranged matt grey floor tiles refer to the sand grey, salt-glazed stoneware ceramic typical for the Frankfurt region.

    For the new store at Frankfurt Kaiserplatz, key pieces of German furniture brand e15 have been specified. Cypress green mohair lounge chair WEISSENHOF, solid walnut and natural leather stool ASWAN and chair KARNAK(circa 1925-26), all by Ferdinand Kramer, along with an original George Nelson Half lamp in brass (circa 1950) bring warmth and comfort to the space.

    Team: Farah Ebrahimi, Rocco Spena, Elena Bühler

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