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A Timeless Classic

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    A Timeless Classic

    The Eames® Classic Lounge Chair and Ottoman is widely considered one of the most significant pieces of the 20th century. A prominent member of Herman Miller’s coveted collection of modern classics, the Eames® Lounge and Ottoman set is universally recognised as an icon of modern design, on display at museums and in homes of collectors around the world.

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    News - 07.12.2015

    The Eames® Lounge and Ottoman were famously designed by the husband-and-wife designer duo, Charles and Ray Eames. Known for their grand sense of adventure and curiosity, the duo sought to create a modern version of a familiar fixture in every living room, the lounge chair. Designed with the look of a “well-used baseball mitt” and inspired by the English club chair, the ELO was intended as a “refuge to the strains of modern living”.

    The Eames® Lounge and Ottoman gained significant notoriety almost immediately. There was nothing quite like it. The set debuted on national television in 1956, making Charles and Ray Eames and the design itself an instant classic. Despite the design’s worldwide recognition, the Eames Lounge and Ottoman are best known for their handcrafted details and ability to last a lifetime.

    The Eames® Lounge Chair and Ottoman are both hand-assembled with great attention to detail. The shells are made of 7-ply veneers and the cushions are individually upholstered and replaceable. The back braces and back bases are made of die-cast aluminium. The chair base features a built-in swivel mechanism, shock mounts are made of natural rubber and the adjustable glides and made of pure stainless steel. The combination of hand-craftsmanship and mass production make the lounge and ottoman not only a benchmark of lasting appeal, but of luxurious comfort and support.

    The lounge and ottoman have become so well known that the configuration has become a registered trademark of Herman Miller. The set is available in a variety of different veneers, multiple leather options and two sizes. They are also available in special all-black and all-white versions, featuring an ebony veneer or white ash shell and black or pearl MCL Leather. The white chair’s metal components are finished in white to highlight the polished aluminium accents on the base of the chair.

    The Eames® Lounge and Ottoman are not only icons of modern design, but of environmental integrity as well. In 1991, Herman Miller replaced rosewood, an endangered, non-sustainable wood, with cherry and walnut in building the set. The lounge and ottoman are up to 42 percent recyclable and comprised of 31 percent recycled materials. Most importantly, the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are designed for durability and are built to last many lifetime, to be handed down for generations, putting them at the forefront of environmental stability.

    Today, the Eames® Lounge Chair and Ottoman are considered classics in a category all their own. Part of the permanent collections at both New York’s MoMA and the Art Institute of Chicago, the chair and ottoman have been featured as subjects in countless documentaries, films, television series, and books over the last 50 years. The Eames Lounge and Ottoman are a true testament to authentic, lasting design, which will be carried on in generations to come.

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