A Stunning Installation at Established & Sons

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    A Stunning Installation at Established & Sons

    Established & Sons scored a coup at this year’s London Design Festival with its visually exciting showroom installation, which was lauded as a must-see highlight by those in the know. Both London Design Journal and Wallpaper named the British brand’s offering one of their top picks of the festival.

    Established & Sons From Then On Formafantasma LDF 2014 01 Overview Peer Lindgreen4

    News - 21.09.2015

    The installation, From Then On by Italian design duo Formafantasma, explored the passing of time and marked Established & Son’s 10th anniversary with a series of four unique timepieces. 

    One piece was made up of two concentric discs of white Carrara marble. The central disc rotated to show the passing of an hour, with the veins of both discs aligning once in every cycle. Another featured a large pendulum, at the end of which was a small brush that polished a curved strip of brass as it swung. For the third piece, a pair of saxophones played every 15 minutes to celebrate the experience of daily life. The fourth timepiece was a circular fan that opened entirely over the course of five minutes and then snapped shut.

    Maurizio Mussati, CEO of Established & Sons, says the British brand believed strongly in “unrestricted experimentation” and so had no hesitation in working with Formafantasma, “a design studio I greatly admire”.

    “This approach is embedded in our history and never fails in producing incredibly special, powerful pieces,” he explained.

    The installation took place at the Established & Sons showroom in Islington during London Design Festival, September 13 to 21. 

    Also on show was Vital Statistics, an installation curated by Mark Holmes, the company’s co-founder and its first design director. Focusing on items launched at the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair, as well as recent classics, the display brought out the distinctive qualities of Established & Sons pieces by highlighting details such as dimensions and colour charts. 

    “It’s been interesting looking at Established & Sons again and what it stands for,” said Holmes.

    “A decade on, the diversity within the collection is very much paralleled by the brand’s distinct and singular position within the industry – its identity is as unique as the products it makes.”


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