Spindle Chair with Brass Base in Walnut - RRP $3425

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    Spindle Chair with Brass Base in Walnut - RRP $3425

    NOW $1920

    LEX190185 (1)

    The BassamFellows Spindle Chair was inspired by a visit to Louis Kahn’s Exeter Library. Designer Craig Bassam was inspired when he noticed the traditional utilitarian chair juxtaposed against the powerful geometry of Kahn’s building. Seduced by its elemental simplicity, Bassam realised an updated spindle back chair would fit perfectly within the BassamFellows ‘Craftsman Modern’ aesthetic. The BassamFellows Spindle Chair offers a new take on the classic.

    By using metal for the chair’s legs and spindles, Craig Bassam has created the illusion of two floating surfaces. This spindles are less prominent than in traditional versions, and provide a counterpoint to the chair’s timber elements. An ultracomfortable ergonomic seat is carved from solid wood. Given its updated minimal silhouette, ultra-light materiality and concern for comfort, it’s the kind of chair you can see in many contexts. In fact, it would look right at home in the Exeter Library.




    H 737mm | W 572mm | D514mm | SH 448mm | AH 648mm

    Original RRP

    Condition Report
    The chair is in good condition with no visible marks.

    Brendon - brendon.prentice@livingedge.com.au


    Condition B: Ex-floor or sample stock. This product has had minimal use. May have some slight signs of wear such as minor marks and/or scratches.




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