Lange Production

Lange Production believes that their strong heritage of classic and iconic pieces from the 1960s, together with the contemporary, innovative designs from the modern-day; creates a collection that expresses a symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality.

Lange Production is a contemporary Danish brand that focuses on classic and modern collections inspired by craftsmanship, details and functionality. They have partnered with a select group of designers that share mutual values of creating a synthesis between minimalism yet authentic designs.

Lange Production manufactures furniture with the aspiration of fostering and respecting the 1960s heritage from timeless design icons, together with incorporating new and modern pieces to create a unique collection of simple and functional designs and bridging the past with the present.

Lange Production works closely with professional and local craftsmen solely in Denmark and Germany. These craftsmen are specialized in wood, steel and leather, and can ensure the highest possible quality and elegance. Where it has been possible they have used the original production facilities, methods and tools as from the 1960s, and where it has made sense to develop new technology they have implemented this to ensure a matching or even improved quality of that from the 60s.
Lange Production believes that by being loyal to the original materials and designs, they can create an authentic brand that defines the aspects of Scandinavian design of stylish, simple and honest furniture – which is functional, durable and completely refined.

Since day one, Lange Production has worked towards the three principles of Form, Function and Finish. Passion and loyalty have a major impact on every aspect of their business, and they strive to be genuine and passionate in everything we do.