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    The Figueras Group is a global reference in the design, manufacturing and installation of fixed seating and movable seating solutions for public spaces

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    At the Figueras Group, they know about the intense emotions that people experience in the spaces they join forces to develop. That is why they want to continue contributing their know-how, experience, hardwork and passion since 1929 to make them happen.

    They apply innovation, design and engineering to craft unique fixed and movable seating solutions. Solutions in perfect harmony with the projects. Solutions that foster the unfolding of all the excitement they imagined when they designed them together with their partners. And they want to continue developing many more. That is why along the time they have become experts in Made to Measure Artisanal craftsmanship and industrial and mechanical engineering.

    For the Figueras Group there are no big or small projects, just new challenges to approach with respect and passion. That is why, when professionals from all over the world allow Figueras to be part of their projects, projects into which they invest all their efforts and creativity, all Figueras can do is thank them and give to their projects the best of themselves.

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    Products by Figueras

    Minispace 5067 in Polo Figueras
    Minispace 13
    Minispace 5071 in Florencia Figueras
    Minispace 9
    Minispace 5069 in Grey RF Figueras
    Minispace 8
    Minispace 5069 in Varnished Solid Beech Wood Figueras
    Retractable Seating Automatic System (MicroFlex 6061) Figueras
    Flex 6076 in Loop Figueras
    Flex 5
    Flex 6076 in Tecno Valencia Figueras
    Venu 510 in London Figueras
    Venu 510   2
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