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Drocco / Mello

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    Drocco / Mello

    Drocco / Mello is a design duo that together, among other products, designed the Cactus for Gufram in 1972.

    Drocco Mello

    Guido Drocco was born in San Benedetto Belbo, Cuneo, on 19 September 1942. He graduated with a degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Turin. He worked professionally in the field of architecture and industrial design. In 1966 he became an architectural design lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Turin. 

    Franco Mello was born in Genoa in 1945. He lives and works in Turin and Spineto Scrivia. Mello works in the field of design, packaging, graphic design, publishing and art. He was involved in the review of books on art, design catalogs and posters for numerous artists from Arte Povera to Transavanguardia, including Piero Manzoni, Giulio Paolini, Giuseppe Peone, Alberto Burri, Yves Klein, Bridget Riley and Pinot Gallizio. .


    Products by Drocco / Mello

    Metacactus Gufram
    05 Gufram METACACTUS
    God Gufram
    02 Gufram GOD
    Nerocactus Gufram
    04 Gufram NEROCACTUS
    Rossocactus Gufram
    03 Gufram ROSSOCACTUS
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