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Sassi, artificially natural, are an oxymoron, a vision of design that demolishes and subverts the proved parameters of tactile and visual perception.
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Decontextualize: this is Piero Gilardi’s mantra. Recreate the bucolic atmosphere of a mountain river or the ocean cliffs inside the domestic space - this was his aim: to empty the weight of an object, but let its image - rather its artificial reproduction - keep the poetry and the evocative simplicity from which these objects come alive for the user.

And the so the series Sassi is born. Sedilsasso, the biggest rock - to be used as a chair - comes with two more pebbles of smaller proportions, which go together to recreate for all purposes a natural contemplative set.

Same skin, same volume, same tones, same roughness, same outer layer of natural stones, but different substance and weight, that turn them into innocuous boulders; freed from gravity and light, they rise to a new life.

In the scenic design of the living space, they become a soft seating system - an innocent deceit able to create a short-circuit between usage and end-use, between reality and fiction. The meaning itself of the product is multiplied and strengthened exponentially by addition and accumulation.


Large Rock
Width: 700mm
Depth: 560mm
Height: 480mm

Medium Rock
Width: 350mm
Depth: 230mm
Height: 200mm

Small Rock
Width: 190mm
Depth: 120mm
Height: 110mm


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It was the first Gufram project to play on the juxtaposition of the concepts light, heavy and natural, artificial