A Sacred Architectural Landmark

Built-in a gothic style Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral, with its giant 101-meter-tall central tower, dominates the city skyline built over a century ago has reconfigured the seating theatre responding to the evolving need and flexible solutions due to COVID-19.

The magnificent Liverpool Cathedral stands tall in the heart of London.
Howe and Liverpool Cathedral

Holding significant importance to history to be honoured through its architectural beauty, furniture equally plays pivotal importance to fit the space accordingly.

Undeniably Howe was the preferred partner to provide a flexible solution in such a diverse and multi-functional environment. The Denmark-based brand has a rich, colourful past underpinned by a single, central driver: the desire to create functional interior environments that facilitate human activity and growth.

The brand is known so well for merging design and simplicity with quality and functionality. Specifically, the incorporation of this project is of the award-winning 40/4 Side Chair bringing a supreme ergonomic value-add to the build and its awareness of the public need.

The Head Verger, Dave Corns, said: "40/4 chair "this design gives us greater flexibility and speed when changing service or events seating layouts, with the ability to store all the chairs quickly in a small space on eleven trolleys when we need to clear the main floor area."

The chairs also provide very comfortable seating for congregations and visitors as well as being aesthetically a significant improvement on the seating they replaced and give a more open look to the space in which they use.