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Inspiring Work Spaces & Activity Based Design

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So, what is Activity based work (ABW)? For those who are a little unclear our friends over at Futurespace give it a pretty good run down!

‘Activity based’ work (ABW) is the latest innovation in workplace design and is an opportunity for many organisations to take their accommodation one step further than a typical open plan office environment.

The underlying philosophies of ABW include freedom, sustainability and empowerment; providing a ‘grown up’ workplace where everyone is encouraged to find their own style and strength in the business milieu. ABW strives towards a Utopia where humans aren’t territorial or insecure and where the physical environment facilitates maturity and personal responsibility in all workplace situations.

For even more on ABW and strategy click here.

Living Edge Commercial is excited to receive our first shipment of PROOFF products from the Netherlands.

PROOFF  is made up of a range of innovative furniture which encourage users to be interactive and flexible with their working space, and create privacy in an otherwise public area as well.

We envisage the range will become an important part of Activity Based Workspace design in Australia.

Enjoy some inspiration below!


Images via Prooff, flickr, mololoco,

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