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An artist’s touch – Jörg Schellmann for e15

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e15 brings the art back into design with their newest releases at IMM Cologne.

January is a busy month in the design sector with several international fairs taking place in Europe. IMM Cologne was held last week, and today and tomorrow we’ll highlight the new releases at the fair from Living Edge brands e15 and Walter Knoll.

e15 expanded their new accessory collection applying premium materials to small functional objects. Solid European walnut and oak, fine Italian marble and solid brass, have been shaped into playful and sculptural functional objects for the kitchen, living room and office.


Among the releases from e15 at the IMM were items to help you keep your desk clean and tidy including PEN tray dividers, ITO tray, STOP marble bookends and the HAUS house-shaped paper weight.


A range of cutting boards, trays and bowls designed by the brand’s co-founder architect Philipp Mainzer epitomise e15’s use of pure and essential forms.


In addition to accessories, the brand used IMM to launch three new furniture products by German designer Jörg Schellmann. Schellmann’s studio is responsible for showing and producing furniture by artists including Donald Judd, Rachel Whiteread and Joseph Beuys in limited editions.

His own furniture designs are influenced by industrial and commercial principles as well as references to Minimal Art and Conceptualism


The connection to contemporary art is most obvious in the PROFIL shelf which mimics the sculptural appeal of minimal art pieces. The aluminium shelf is produced in one piece using extrusion – a production process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile.

The shelf’s simplicity leaves it open to interpretation and is the perfect backdrop for curations of books and objects.


Schellmann is also known for creating products that are radically simple and position functionality as a core design element.

The PLATZ table was inspired by the aesthetics of traditional work tables. Both PLATZ and the accompany SITZ bench feature a distinctive diagonal bar which provides stability and character to the solid wood pieces.

Browse e15 products on the Living Edge website.

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